DepEd Orders

In pursuance of the recommendations of both project and local consultants and of technician education experts in a series of national and multi-sectoral consultations and in conformity with the findings of the evaluative study on the implementation of the two-year Diploma in Industrial Technician (DIT), MECS Order No. 38, s. 1982, on Diploma in Industrial Technician, is hereby amended in order to make the technician education program more relevant to the manpower needs of the country.
Posted on April 24, 1986
For expediency in evaluating educational programs and projects, the use of the maintenance and other operating expenditures shall henceforth be categorized into Administration/Supervision, Project Development and Program Monitoring. This refers to the MOOE component of the Sub-Cash Disbursement Ceilings (SCDC) received by the regional directors for the schools divisions, national secondary and tertiary schools/colleges and the regional office proper.
Posted on April 16, 1986
In view of the current economic crisis, this Ministry has adopted the following measures in order to realize salary savings and to support the economic recovery program of the Government.
Posted on April 10, 1986
The composition of the MECS Suggestions and Incentive Awards Committee created under Department Order No. 60, s. 1976, pursuant to Memorandum No. 10, s. 1976, of the Civil Service Commission, is hereby reconstituted.
Posted on April 8, 1986
Inclosed is a copy of the letter of the Minister of the Budget and Management dated January 31, 1986 regarding the implementation of the on step salary adjustment of teachers and other related teaching positions effective January 1, 1986.
Posted on April 7, 1986
Inclosed is a copy of Executive Order No. 6 promulgated on March 12, 1986, authorizing heads of ministries and government-owned or controlled corporations to approve travels abroad of officials and employees except those specified therein.
Posted on April 7, 1986
Effective immediately, the authorized signature on official correspondence and financial matters emanating from the Central Office of this Ministry shall be as indicated in this Order.
Posted on March 20, 1986
The field is hereby informed that Her Excellency, President Corazon C. Aquino has appointed MR. ARTHUR D. DEFENSOR (UNIDO, Iloilo), Dr. MINDA C. SUTARIA (Director, Bureau of Elementary Education, MECS) and Mr. JOSE P. DE JESUS (Executive Vice-President, DAP and Executive Director, Career Executive Service Board) as Deputy Ministers in the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports effective March 5, 1986.
Posted on March 5, 1986
It has come to the attention of this Office that school teachers/personnel and administrators who are called to attend seminars, workshops, training programs, official meetings, and the like sometimes bear the cost of transportation and whatever meals they have on the way. In view of this following policies on training activities are hereby adopted by this Office.
Posted on February 21, 1986
Section III of the Manual of Regulations for Private Schools, 7th Edition (1970), and the Education Act of 1982 provide general and specific requirements for private schools in all levels. However, it is deemed necessary that standards, particularly for kindergarten schools, be set in order to respond to the growing need and interest of the public. Inclosed is a set of standards for the organization and operation of kindergarten schools.
Posted on February 14, 1986