DepEd Orders

Republic Act No. 5711 provides that the Capiz Institute of Technology shall offer Engineering courses whenever possible, among other courses specified in said law.
Posted on November 7, 1985
Authority is hereby granted to the Dumangas Polytechnic College, Dumangas, Iloilo to operate the Third and Fourth years Liberal Arts (A.B.) and Third and Fourth years Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education (B.S.I.E.) course, effective school year 1984-85.
Posted on October 28, 1985
Pursuant to the request of Nursing Deans and Faculty who participated in the Faculty Re-training Programs under the joint sponsorship of the Bureau of Higher Education (BHE) and the Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing (ADPCN), the inclosure to MECS Order No. 9, s. 1984 on the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) curriculum is hereby amended for a more effective teaching of the professional nursing courses in the New BSN Curriculum.
Posted on October 24, 1985
Implementation of Sections 7 (e) and (g) of Rule III under Part III of the Rules and Regulation for the Implementation of Batas Pambansa Blg. 232 on the period for filling applications for permit and the period within which such applications shall be decided on has been deferred until after the orientation seminar on private school regulations shall have been conducted for Regional Office personnel concerned.
Posted on October 22, 1985
In the interest of public service and to facilitate the financial transactions of various MECS Offices with existing and operational accounting units outside Palacio del Gobernador, the following guidelines specifying the type and amount limitations authorized for the signature/countersignature of their respective officials are hereby prescribed.
Posted on September 16, 1985
In response to the felt needs of students enrolled in the various courses in colleges and universities, and upon recommendation of the Philippine Association for Graduate Education (PAGE) and the Bureau of Higher Education, weekend and Saturday classes for graduate courses other than teacher education are hereby authorized.
Posted on September 12, 1985
To give due recognition and reward for outstanding performance of teachers, school officials and support personnel, the Ministry is enjoining a more vigorous implementation of the incentive awards system. This Office takes cognizance of, and gives encouragement to, any recognition of awards to teachers, school officials and support personnel guaranteed by other government agencies or civic organization observing a rigid and fair selection process.
Posted on September 11, 1985
In view of the need to rationalize and develop an integrated approach towards the attainment of an effective and efficient staff development program in this Ministry, a committee on conventions and conferences is hereby created.
Posted on September 3, 1985
Pursuant to the provisions of Executive Order No, 805 mandating this Ministry to plan and implement an integrated program of physical fitness and amateur sports in the country, including both those in-school and out-of-school…” eight (8) major programs and twenty-eight (28) initial projects have been identified for implementation starting school year 1985-86.
Posted on August 26, 1985
Pursuant to its functions as defined in Sec. 5 (a) of R.A. No. 2382, as amended, otherwise known as the Medical Act of 1959, the Board of Medical Education (BME), after consultation with the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges (APMC), has decided to require a uniform admission test, called the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT), to be successfully hurdled by all college graduates seeking admission into the medical schools in the Philippines, beginning the school year 1986-87.
Posted on August 23, 1985