DepEd Orders

On the basis of the report and recommendation of the Technical Panel for Agricultural Education, authority is hereby granted to the Southern Leyte Agro-Fishery Technical Institute to operate the four-year Bachelor of Agricultural Technology course, subject to strict compliance with the minimum standards provided in MEC Order No. 24, s. 1981 within the SY 1985-86.
Posted on August 8, 1985
MECS Order No. 6, s. 1984, insofar as Inspection Fee is concerned, is hereby clarified as indicated below: The rate of Inspection Fee of P500.00 shall be collected for each course applied for, whether it be for permit or for recognition. This amends paragraph No. 5 of Circular No. 12, s. 1966 of the former Bureau of Private Schools.
Posted on July 31, 1985
Civic welfare service (CWS) is authorized by P.D. No. 1706 (the National Service Law) as a substitute for preparatory military training. The design and implementation of CWS has been assigned to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports under the Rules and Regulations implementing P.D. No. 1706. This document represents the consolidated rules and regulations governing the limited piloting of CWS.
Posted on July 22, 1985
The importance of providing our children with all the opportunities for their fullest development during their early years through preschool education has long been recognized. In this regard, the Ministry has been encouraging the public sector to organize preschool classes as provided in BPS Memorandum No. 25, s. 1971.
Posted on July 8, 1985
In order to ensure the quality of graduate education, this Ministry hereby adopts a collegial consultation policy regarding action on application to open graduate schools/programs. In this connection and upon representation of the Philippine Association of Graduate Education (PAGE), the Regional Director shall endeavor to consult the concerned PAGE regional chapter in evaluating each application to operate a graduate school/program or additional major.
Posted on July 1, 1985
Government Recognition is hereby granted to the Larena National Vocational College in Larena, Siquijor for the Four-Year Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education and Four-Year Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology courses, effective June 18, 1984.
Posted on June 17, 1985
Conversion of items of elementary teachers or secondary teachers to Master Teacher I; Master Teacher I to Master Teacher II; Master Teacher II to Master Teacher III; Master Teacher III to Master Teacher IV all involve a change in position title, salary range and salary rate. Incumbent teachers of positions reclassified as such should be issued the proper civil service appointment, pursuant to Section 12 of Civil Service Resolution No. 83-343 on Rule on Promotion.
Posted on June 13, 1985
This Office has received a number of complaints regarding unfairness in promotion or appointments as well as violation of certain provisions of the MECS Merit Promotion System issued as MEC Order No. 52, s. 1980. To minimize, if not totally eliminate, complaints and protests on promotions, the following should be observed effective immediately.
Posted on June 11, 1985
Inclosed is a copy of Memorandum Circular No. 5, s. 1985 of the Civil Service Commission entitled “Study and Review of Contracts of Personnel and Management Services and of Services of Detailed Personnel,” which is self-explanatory.
Posted on June 3, 1985
In order to make the implementation of the Civic Welfare Service (CWS) Program as contained in MECS Order No. 28, s. 1985 truly responsive to participating students, the following additional guidelines are hereby issued for the information and compliance of all concerned.
Posted on June 3, 1985