DepEd Orders

Conversion of items of elementary teachers or secondary teachers to Master Teacher I; Master Teacher I to Master Teacher II; Master Teacher II to Master Teacher III; Master Teacher III to Master Teacher IV all involve a change in position title, salary range and salary rate. Incumbent teachers of positions reclassified as such should be issued the proper civil service appointment, pursuant to Section 12 of Civil Service Resolution No. 83-343 on Rule on Promotion.
Posted on June 13, 1985
This Office has received a number of complaints regarding unfairness in promotion or appointments as well as violation of certain provisions of the MECS Merit Promotion System issued as MEC Order No. 52, s. 1980. To minimize, if not totally eliminate, complaints and protests on promotions, the following should be observed effective immediately.
Posted on June 11, 1985
Inclosed is a copy of Memorandum Circular No. 5, s. 1985 of the Civil Service Commission entitled “Study and Review of Contracts of Personnel and Management Services and of Services of Detailed Personnel,” which is self-explanatory.
Posted on June 3, 1985
In order to make the implementation of the Civic Welfare Service (CWS) Program as contained in MECS Order No. 28, s. 1985 truly responsive to participating students, the following additional guidelines are hereby issued for the information and compliance of all concerned.
Posted on June 3, 1985
Schools are hereby enjoined to keep their students and faculty members fully informed of the finance of the school and the reason behind whatever increases it implements, whether with or without the prior approval of MECS as provided in MECS Order No. 25. A summary of the financial statements of the school and of the operating budget for 1985-86 shall be prominently posted at public places within school premises and otherwise made available to interested parties.
Posted on May 30, 1985
It has been pointed out by the Philippine Association for Graduate Education (PAGE) that there is at present no definite standard in terms of number of units as maximum load of graduate students. MEC Order No. 7, s. 1982, the Policies and Standards for Graduate Education, is silent about it. These results in the disparity of the number of units as maximum load allowed by different institutions for their students.
Posted on May 27, 1985
The inclosed classification of higher education programs offered in Philippine colleges/universities based on the International Standard Classification for Education (ISCED-1983) and the revised code systems for special orders and certifications are hereby issued for purposed of maintaining a uniform of records management system.
Posted on May 18, 1985
It is the policy of this Ministry to protect and preserve the integrity of the NCEE as an examination at all times. It therefore directs all personnel of this Ministry and the other members of the educational community to faithfully implement this policy.
Posted on May 17, 1985
Regional directors and schools superintendents are reminded of rules and regulations in regard to action on disciplinary and administrative cases. They are hereby directed to immediately start appropriate administrative procedures upon receipt of a duly executed complaint against a school official or teacher, and to conduct the investigation process with dispatch.
Posted on May 15, 1985
Section 2 of Presidential Decree No. 1706, otherwise known as the National Service Law (NSL) dated August 8, 1980, provides, among others, that national service shall be obligatory for all citizens of the Philippines and that it shall consist of three (3) main programs, namely: civic welfare service, law enforcement service, and military service.
Posted on April 25, 1985