In the Heart of Julius

May 10, 2016

By Jesucles A. Amores

     A young boy who have not seen her mother since birth never loses hope that someday their path will cross and he will experience the first kiss, hug, affection and love from a mother which he continues to long until now. Julius experiences tremendous hardships and trials in life in both school and his family. In spite of life’s adversities, this boy is able to excel in sports specifically in wushusanda. He believes that this sport could be a ticket in finding his long lost mother. Deep down in his heart, he has an intuition that the time will come when he will finally see his mother.
Julius was just eight months old when his mother Juliet Nacorda left and went back to their place in Davao Del Norte for no reasons at all. From then on, their communication was cut off. They have no single idea where she is right now. When Julius was five years old, his father, Nelson Jagolinda, left his custody to his grandfather and went to Manila to look for a job. Years after, his father found another woman and got married. It was his grandparents who sent Julius to school and supported his studies. Living with his grandparents, life is not easy for Julius. It took a lot of sacrifices and deprivation of rights.

     Lolo Dionesio and Lola Nelly have no work and are just depending on the monthly allowance given by the father of Julius. Despite the very tight budget, they try their best to provide the needs of Julius. But inevitably, there are times when Julius go to school without baon and sometimes without breakfast. He usually eats rice and fish during recess time just to fill his empty stomach. Oftentimes, he goes to school for he has only one pair of shoes which he usually wears during special occasions. He has to wash his uniform every night after use and wear it the next day. But this does not hinder him to pursue his dreams.

    Julius, a 15 year old dreamer and achiever, is currently in Grade 9 enrolled at Dona Hortencia Salas Benedicto National High School in La Carlota City. In school, he oftentimes experience bullying because of his physical appearance, his lanky structure, and dark complexion. Some of his classmates would even tease him that he is an abandoned child because he is just living with his grandparents. This obnoxious scenario prods him to learn the art of wushu in order to defend himself when someone will bully him. He decides to join the KALI FILIPINO EVOLUTION, an organization of wushu enthusiasts, to learn the basic skills of mixed martial arts. Later on, he develops his love for that sport and continues his training. Eventually, he joins competitions at school. At the back of his mind, he thinks of doing his very best in order to win in the different competitions and become famous in the wushusanda. This will enable him to find his mother.

     After a series of eliminations, he was able to take part in the PalarongPambansa last year which was held in Tagum, Leyte, Davao Del Norte. It was a great opportunity for him to look for his mother whom he believed to be living in that province. During his free time, his coach, Mrs. Cristina Albanez, accompanied him and went to different police stations to ask about the identity of his mother. Unfortunately, they were not able to find her. Probably, it was not the perfect time for them to meet.
This year, Julius continues to prove his worth and materialize his dream. He is still part of the NIRAA wushusanda team to the PalarongPambansa. He may not be able to covet gold in this year’s competition, but he has a strong belief rooted from his heart – that time will really come that he will be able to see her and savour a mother’s unconditional love.