Paul’s life in 3D

May 9, 2016

Written by Rolyn Jane P. Catanus

    He has set his eyes on the prize. Now, just like his recent competitions, he will give his best foot forward for his team, his coach, and his family. The elimination game is coming and together with its inevitable approach is the resolve coming from his innermost self to really nail the challenge. He has done this a couple of times already, playing SepakTakraw, and he seems to be doing good. But he regards his games as important and as precious as his other games.

    Then, the tricycle accident.

    He began to think that he will no more be a good player, now that he has lost his strength, his asset, and his inner confidence because of a broken leg. He will no longer be a part of the roster of players who will represent his school in the provincial level, no longer bring pride to his schools division in the regional match and no longer be a PalarongPambansa player.

    Just as he though he has lost all hopes of becoming one of the bests in his category, his coach tried to build his emotional loss and reset his mindset. The mishap and his persevering coach, Sir Romeo Grandea, together with his teammates, inspired him to continue with determination. It will never be easy but it is far from impossible.

    Eliminations came. The original plan was for him to just be part of the support system, yet he pushed himself to the limit. He was limping throughout the game even with the advice of the coach not to strain himself too much, he gave his best shot. Their win was never easy but it was a sweet as a ripe mango eaten under a sweltering summer sun.
Unfortunately, the arrival of the championship was faster than the complete healing of his leg. The pain was taking a toll on him, seemingly eating the remains of his energy. And he cannot back down now since he is a crucial part of the team. Before the game, his coach brought him and his teammates to church to plead for a miracle. It was indeed God’s grace which gave him back his strength as he testified to himself and his colleagues that the pain was totally gone.

    In his dedication to aim for the best, he outstood a challenge which honed him into becoming a better version of himself. And yes, they won the championships, earning not only the accolades and applauses, but also a wonderful learning experience which is both epic and blissful.
As he continues o develop himself, he has made a distinct name in the field of SepakTakraw. He has gained several gold medals in various competitions not only on the provincial level but also in the regional and national level. PalarongPambansa has also been a great door for opportunity for him to continuously develop his skill. Moreover, he became a recipient of a gold medal in BatangPinoy National Finals. Just recently, he got to represent the Philippines in the ASEAN School Sports held in Brunei Darussalam.

     Outside the court, he shows the same amount of discipline as that in the court. He spends his pastime practicing, even by himself. Just as he loves his craft so much, he gives high regard to his studies. He maintains a grade which puts him in the top ten of his class and remains in love with education and the extensive learning he gets from it.