Campalanas SHS Pioneers: One Goal, One Team

December 27, 2016

The Senior High School pioneers of Campalanas National High School is composed of learners who completed their Junior High School education from the same institution as well as from neighboring barangay high schools and agricultural schools.

As an initial offering for Senior High School, Campalanas National High School offers the Technical Vocational Track focusing on three areas of specializations, Electrical Installation and Maintenance, Bread and Pastry as well as Horticulture. In the initial enrolment period, there were 113 recorded enrollees who enrolled in these three areas of specializations.

The three-classroom building which is situated in the elementary school site was not available for use during the opening of classes. The Senior High School faculty under the guidance of the school head, Ms. Anna Rose M. Cabasag, decided to split the Grade 11 enrollees into two heterogeneous sections, Platinum and Titanium from the original three sections created based on the schedule. Classrooms were created utilizing the electrical shop and the vacant area by the first floor of the unfinished building.

Learner’s materials were not available for the learners; teachers were still groping in the dark exhausting all means to provide quality learning resources and pop sheets for the smooth flow of the discussions. On the brighter side they were able to create a strong bond with their respective sections thus enabling them to value the essence of collaborative learning. They were trained to do research works, peruse concepts by reading vast number of textbooks and surf the internet to extract reliable information which is of great help in broadening their acquired skills in the subject matter.

“We learned to work as a team. Each member in the group is held responsible for the assigned task given to him/her. We spent sleepless nights burning midnight candles to meet the scary deadlines that our teachers are strictly imposing to us,” Cathlene Jade Caspiz, a SHS pioneer said.

 The teachers were sent to various trainings and workshops in the middle half of the semester thus leaving some paper works and activities for the learners. “We were challenged by our teachers to be independent, to do things on our own and think more maturely. At first we were struggled because our attitude still depicted the junior high school years we left behind,”  said Sherely Bayhonan, a Bread and Pastry student.

Being in a group means a lot for the SHS pioneers, they were able to have their own group studies during their vacant periods, even during weekends. “Individual tasks make us lazy. It’s more fun to learn in groups,” Mancio B. Laranjo Jr. also a SHS pioneer stated.

Learning is a lifelong process, in the implementation of the K to12 Basic Education Curriculum, Senior High School level is still in its premature stage. Campalanas National High School pioneers accepted the challenge for in attaining the main goal of the Department of Education they are fully aware that they must work as a team, a solid, concrete and unified team that will stand the test of time and be agents of change in our society. Go K to 12! Tayo Para sa Edukasyon!