Teacher Jenny: Interactive learning is effective teaching

September 29, 2017

To light the way for her students and fellow teachers is the aspiration that powers Teacher Jennifer Rojo’s dedication to her profession. The Master Teacher II, whose childhood dream was to become an educator, is now a beacon of hope for learners who endeavor to grasp lessons and teachers who lose sight of their calling.

For her, winning the Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos 2017 is a way of helping colleagues get back on track: “I believe this award will continue to inspire and ignite the passion of my fellow [teachers], not just in my locality but in the whole nation. In all the contests I have joined, my prayer is to win if I really deserve [it], not for myself but for the people who continuously support and believe in me, that I may be a candle to those who struggle to stay in the teaching profession.”

Teacher Jenny is a Science teacher at the Neogan Elementary School in Tagaytay City. In her 21 years in the academe, she understands that students have different learning abilities and that some shy from actively participating in class because of difficulty in comprehending ideas and conveying their thoughts in English.

“Science is an interesting subject, however, as much as students want to participate in the discussion, some seem hesitant because they can’t express themselves in English. Thus, I decided to prepare an intervention material that will help increase the vocabulary of the pupils,” she shared.

Otherwise known as Joyful Enrichment in Science Vocabulary, JEnSci-Voc has been enabling students to better understand complicated terms through puzzles and games since 2015. The interactive approach boosts the learners’ interest in the subject and bridges the gap often lost in translation.

She also developed the Mobile Sci-Hub, a hands-on instructional approach that uses illustrations of plants, animals, constellations, and natural cycles to make complicated concepts easier and enjoyable to understand.

“Based on the result of the achievement test, some pupils have low mastery in some competencies. This innovative material is made to address these least learned competencies in Science V and VI. . . Not only fast learners should master the skills, but most especially the academically challenged pupils,” Teacher Jenny noted.

Before becoming a Metrobank awardee, Teacher Jenny was awarded as the 2016 Division Gawad Bandila Outstanding Elementary Teacher, the 2017 Regional Gawad Patnugot Outstanding Elementary Teacher. But for her, the most prized success she could ever receive as an educator is knowing that all her students finished their studies and landed a good career – not just for their future but for their families and the country.

For her fellow teachers, her words are simple yet significant: “Do our duties with passion and dedication, for we are not just teaching children, we are molding and saving their lives. God sees all our hard work and feels what are in our hearts. Do your best and God will do the rest. Always be inspired to teach, because inspired teachers produce inspired pupils, and inspired pupils will then work hard and with passion for their future, doing it for their family and for the whole nation.”