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The National Educators' Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) finds its origin from Presidential Letter of Instructions (LOI) No. 1487 issued December 10, 1985, titled “Institutionalizing a Revitalized Program of Teacher In-Service Training in the Public Schools”.

LOI No. 1487 mandated the then Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (MECS) and the Office of the Budget and Management to “design an organization that will institutionalize and improve upon the existing Learning Action Cell approach, to help ensure the continuing training of public school teachers at the elementary and secondary levels, to see to the upgrading of their competence in subject matter being taught, the principles and methods of teaching, school administration, and other subjects pertinent to the effective exercise of educational functions”. 

The training organization to be created shall include among its components a “National Education Learning Center (NELC) at Teachers’ Camp in Baguio City which shall monitor developments in the field and in coordination with the Ministry staff bureaus, develop the necessary curricular, pedagogical and training components of the school system, and offer summer training programs in specialized field of educational innovation and management”. Regional Education Learning Centers (RELCs) in each region or sub-region shall also be established to undertake actual training activities for participants from various schools divisions within the region. It adds that the ‘trainers’ at the NELC and RELC shall aim to have the same qualifications, including training and experience, as the academic staff of teacher training institutions in state universities and colleges”. 

Administrative Order No. 282 issued by the President on May 27, 1992 renamed the NELC as the National Educators' Academy of the Philippines and expanded its functions to include the development of school managers and leaders.